Do wear short sleeves or sleeveless tops so that we can access your arm quickly

Do come alone if possible

Do ensure you wear a face covering

Do arrive on time (but NOT early)

Do socially distance – we will have marked out the route to assist you in this

Do go to the loo before you come – toilets will not be available on the day

Don’t expect to speak with your GP – there won’t be time

Don’t seek to collect prescription items from the Dispensary

Don’t expect to use our waiting room – it will be unavailable

Thank you for helping us with this.  For your protection and ours, staff will be wearing PPE on the day and will take your temperature on arrival.

Finally – if you or anyone in your household has a temperature, new cough or loss of taste/smell please do not attend your appointment!


50-64 year olds requesting a flu vaccination in 20/21: We have been advised that all 50-64 year olds may be eligible for a free flu vaccination as part of plans to protect more people against seasonal flu.  However, these free vaccinations will be subject to delivery later in the year.

This allows us (GPs and Community Pharmacists) to focus on those who are in an at risk group, such as pregnant women and people with long term health conditions. They will be given priority and offered the vaccine first.

If you are aged 50-64 and not in one of the at risk categories you will be made aware in the coming months if you will be able to attend for vaccination. If the programme is extended this is likely to be November or December.