Harptree and Cameley Surgeries are involved in research through the Royal College of General Practitioners Research and Surveillance Centre, and have joined the National Monitoring Network. This means that we have ​’Research Ready Advanced’ accreditation, and that we allow anonymised data extraction from our clinical records by the Research Centre, and that we submit some clinical data through some testing means such as nasal or throat swabs during the flu season, for instance. You would be asked for your consent before such swabs are taken, but you would need to ‘opt out’ of the anonymised data extraction if you did not want any information about infections and diseases being used for research purposes.

We also contribute to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). CPRD is a Government organisation that provides anonymised patient data for research to improve patient and public health. You cannot be identified from the information sent to CPRD. Information in patient records is important for medical research to develop new treatments and to test the safety of medicines.

We hope to become more involved in research as a practice, as it helps to improve patient care nationally, and allows Public Health England, and GP practices across the country, to respond to sudden spikes in infections such as flu or measles.

More information on the RCGP RSC is available at:

Information for patients is available at (downloads as a PDF document):