Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

Some of our patients monitor their blood pressure readings from home, using devices that can be purchased from retailers such as Boots and Amazon. These readings can be very helpful when we review a variety of conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes for example.

If we ask you to make an appointment so that we may conduct a review of one of these conditions we will usually ask you to complete a Home Blood Pressure Monitoring form. This allows you to keep a record of your readings, usually over a period of seven days, and then to calculate the average reading for that period. This can prove to be a more accurate and realistic measure of your blood pressure than a single series of readings while in the surgery, when factors such as stress can sometimes influence the reading. We then ask you to bring the form with your readings to your appointment so that they may be added to your medical history.

If you need one of our Home Blood Pressure Monitoring forms you can download it in Microsoft Word format here (read-only version):

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Form